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The biggest secret of all times is right underneath Roland Garros stadium: a highly confidential training center, with impressive technologies. This is the perfect place to train tennis prodigies from Earth to the Turbo Tennis, a new kind of intergalactic tennis that makes a big fuss in the Milky Way.
Indeed, for several generations, the best young players from Earth have entered the TURBO-10, the biggest tournament of tennis ever known. It’s attended by the greatest champions from all galaxies.

TURBO HIGH is not just sport and tennis, it's a school !

We are in 2014, almost 15 years after Jo's first adventures at the ROLAND GARROS TURBOCENTER with his friends (the comic book story). We are always in The Roland Garros Turbotech and the teachers are older good players or actual players. Some of teachers are from other planets, and of course JO is the new coach of the RG TEAM!

Sunny, a young and brilliant tennis player, met the great French tennis player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Jo was immediately impressed by his tennis level and his street way to play. He asked him to join his tennis school… the secret sport academy: THE ROLAND GARROS TURBO CENTRE! Sunny is full of energy he is unstoppable and unpredictable, he does crazy things and jokes all the time…
But Sunny has a huge potential… he could become one of the best Turboten players on earth.

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